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The site was created to facilitate the work of auto dealers and sellers of spare parts in Armenia


Designed with a simple and convenient design, it is also convenient to use a smartphone. You can change the settings Search according to your preferences


All types of ads are free, you can publish any number of ads


All ads written in Armenian and containing high-quality images are distributed through social networks, providing a large number of views

Our Sections

sell cars

Want to sell your car? vuvu.am offers a convenient platform for car sales. Simply add your car's details to the car section and your car will be rolling out on social networks, generating a great deal of views which will ensure a quick sale.

Auto Parts
auto parts

Do you have spare parts and want to sell them? vuvu.am offers a convenient platform for the sale of spare parts. Just add photos and details of your spare parts to the Spare Parts section. vuvu.am provides a convenient connection between the buyer and seller. Anyone can add spare parts.

Our Team

Our team is your team. We are software engineers. We are creating this platform for free.

Sasun Aramyan

Armen Asatryan

Nvard Asatryan


Yerevan, Hakob Hakobyan 3


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